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NorCal Computer Solutions
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Computer and Networking Services

Hardware Installation and Repair - NorCal Computer Solutions can provide a wide range of hardware installation and repair. Our experience, training and quality tools allow us to quickly diagnose and repair your computer. We also have over 15 years of experience developing and installing new systems in a wide variety of businesses and homes.

Software Installation - Our professional staff has years of installing both consumer and custom software. Let us take the worry and frustration out of the installation of software for your business and home. We will work with your vendors if necessary and leave your system updated and ready to run.

Virus and Spyware Removal - The greatest danger to your computer comes from viruses and spyware. It takes experience and correct tools to remove viruses and spyware from PCs. Let NorCal Computer Solutions clean your computer of all spyware and viruses. Not only will we remove the viruses and spyware we will give you tips and suggestions on prevention.

Preventive Maintenance - One of the best ways to keep a computer running at its top performance is to regularly maintain the system. This includes keeping it dust free, updating the operating system and software with the appropriate patches as well as testing the hardware for complete functionality.

PC Laptop Upgrades - Is your hard drive full? Do you get memory errors when running your favorite program? Does that online game run slowly? Let NorCal Computer Solutions evaluate and make recommendations to upgrade your system. We will recommend and install the appropriate upgrade for your needs.

Computer Training - We offer a full range of on-site training. We specialize in the general use of a computer, Microsoft Office, internet usage, email and even moving your photos from your camera to your computer.

Wireless Networking - In the past few years wireless network has become a common network transport. NorCal Computer Solutions will help you understand the pros and cons of using a wireless network in your home or business.

Server Configuration and Installation - NorCal Computer Solutions holds the highest certification in server installations. In addition to our years of experience our training includes MCSE certification. We have the experience and expertise to guide you in your design, purchase and installation of your server environment.

Home and Business Data Backup - In the world of technology there is always a need to back up your data. NorCal Computer Solutions has experience installing and configuring backup systems of all sizes. We can assist you in ensuring your important data is protected.

Video Surveillance - NorCal Computer Solutions offers a wide range of personal and professional video surveillance systems. We will evaluate, design and install the right system for you.

Network Security - Do you have the right security for your system? Is your wireless system being used by everyone on your block? Does your business have a system to block and keep hackers out? We can help you secure your system within your budget.

Internet Filtering - Today's internet is filled with inappropriate material and sites that reduce productivity. The internet also is the main reason spyware and viruses invade systems. Internet filtering can reduce the exposure of your staff and/or family to the negative aspects of the internet while keeping productive and safe sites available.

VoIP(VoIP) - VoIP has become an excellent way to provide phone service but is not always the right choice. Let our certifed staff assist you in choosing the right phone options and upgrades to your phone system.